​​Tuition Fees

Tuition fees are payable in two equal installments at the beginning of each regular term.  The tuition fee for the 2018/19 academic year is:

Full-timeHK$42,100 per annum
Part-timeHK$42,100 per annum (for RPg students admitted from 2014/15 onward)
HK$21,050 per annum (for RPg students admitted before 2014/15)


Partial Fees

Research postgraduate students who are studying beyond the normative period of study and in their final stage of thesis writing may apply to register as Continuing Student, and pay a reduced tuition fee. The tuition fee for Continuing Student is a quarter of the full-time tuition fee, rounded up to the nearest five dollars per regular term, and has to be settled in full in a single payment:

Continuing StudentHK$5,265 per regular term

Students who graduate in a term when they register as Continuing Student are not eligible for tuition fee refund even if they complete their program requirements within the first three months of the regular term concerned.

Refund Policy

Tuition fees paid are normally not refundable.
To encourage research postgraduate students to complete their studies at the earliest possible time, a refund mechanism has been introduced so that those who are studying beyond the normative period of study and have met their program and residency requirements within the first three calendar months of the start of a regular term are entitled to a refund of 50% of the tuition fee paid for that regular term. The students must have submitted their final theses within the three-month period.
This refund mechanism is applicable to both full-time and part-time students who have only their research theses to complete for submission in the last regular term of study. Students who have enrolled for courses other than MPhil/Doctoral Thesis Research in the last regular term are not entitled to the refund.

Caution Money

Each new student is required to pay a deposit of HK$300 as caution money on first registration. Charges will be made against this deposit if there are any unpaid claims against the student, such as outstanding library dues. The balance will be refunded if the student leaves the University before graduation. At graduation, the student is required to restore the balance of the caution money to its original level and the full amount of the caution money will be credited against the graduation fee.

Graduation Fee

Upon completion of the program of study and before the degree or diploma is awarded, each student is required to pay a graduation fee of HK$300. The fee is normally settled by transferring the full amount of the caution money.

HKUST Students’ Union Fee

Students joining the HKUST Students’ Union are required to pay an initial entry fee and thereafter an annual subscription. These fees are set by the Union and collected by the University on behalf of the Union. The entry fee, applicable to students admitted for the first time, is HK$100 and the annual subscription fee is HK$100.

Late Charges & Other Penalties

Students may be required to pay late charges or subject to other penalties for failure to complete certain University procedures by stipulated deadlines. These include fines for overdue library books, services suspension for delinquent payments including tuition/hall fees, and administrative charges for resumption of suspended services. Late charges and penalties are imposed in accordance with the rules and regulations set by respective offices.

Charges for On-campus Student Accommodation

The University offers on-campus accommodation for eligible full-time research postgraduate students at the University Apartments (UA) and the Stephen Kam Chuen Cheong Hall (SKCC Hall). The UA provides single rooms in 4-person or 5-person apartments, double rooms in 5-person apartments, and rooms for married couples in few designated apartments. Single rooms are available in the SKCC Hall.
Further details about student accommodation and the charges can be found at the Student Housing and Residential Life Office website.

Compulsory Medical Insurance

The University policy stipulates that compulsory medical insurance is required for all registered full-time degree-seeking non-local undergraduate and postgraduate students studying at HKUST on student visa/entry permit.

The compulsory medical insurance aims to provide better resources and safety net for non-local students in the event that they need prompt, appropriate and affordable medical services locally or outside of Hong Kong. While students may use the free general consultations and medications of the campus clinic, they might need other medical services such as hospitalization in some circumstances. There are always long waiting lists for public hospital services in Hong Kong, while medical costs in private hospitals are high.

Further details about student insurance schemes can be found at the Scholarships and Financial Aid Office website.

Other Fees and Charges

Other fees and charges students may come across include, but are not limited to:

ItemPer-copy Fee
Application for TestimonialHK$30
Application for Transcript of Studies#
(excluding mailing charges)
Application for Award Certification Letter*HK$30
Replacement of HKUST CardHK$150
Student Status Re-instatementHK$400
Student Visa Application
(for continuing students)
HK$550 (including mailing charges)
HK$330 (excluding mailing charges)

# A free copy of transcript will be issued to students upon approval of graduation or withdrawal from the University.
* A free copy of award certification letter will be issued to students upon approval of graduation.